Spells Creation 101

So many people will love me after this post. Trust me.

I expected you to have read the DIV and FU WORK posts already, so this is what’s next for blowing your mind.

Now that you have your god at the altar, it’s time to make some shortcuts and fun stuff to use daily. First of all, I would need you to make a GOD CHANNELLING FU which is like a FU that can let you communicate with the god at the altar in your house. Get it sanctified, as you have learned in the previous post. If you want this to be less fragile, you can burn the FU over an object like a pendant or a coin, then use the flame to circle 3x over the object, DIP into the center and place the paper to finish burning in a bowl. Mark the object with something so you will always remember this is THE thing.

Let’s make a spell for protection. Be creative.

Chicken wing and chicken wing,

bring the god here and kill da things,

all da evils out they go,

kick the bastards and assholes!

protection sealed!

Great, super poetic.

Now I will name it “Protection spell” and keep that in a book I keep at the altar. Inform the god that this will be the spell and div for approval. Get a Yang or ST then it is good to keep. A Yin? Change and modify. Keep trying until god say yes.

If you want to use the spell anywhere, hold onto the channelling FU or wear it on your body, then you are connected to the god. Say the spell and stomp your right foot to execute the power.

Left foot for sending the god a message, right foot for exerting power outward for the job. If you need help immediately, do 3x stomp or 7x stomp for an urgent matter.

Do you see those spells for cleansing and purifying? You might think the heart-cleansing spell is hard because it’s in alien words you don’t know. Okay, let’s do this:

“Na Na Na Ah, Woo Wah Wah Ha!”

Good, recorded into the book after div approval. Now you can use this spell for the same spell with your god at the altar. Remember that this will draw the power from your god at the altar!  That is the source of power now!

My friend Tommy wants to get help from my god too, but he isn’t a disciple here. I will grant him a channelling fu so he can carry it around and then teach him how to use THESE spells too.

Now Tommy is hyped and using the spells all the time; it’s time to educate him to GIVE BACK to my altar, bring some offerings and such to visit the god occasionally, show your appreciation and thank the god for helping!  The better the relationship, the more power Tommy can have from this god.

Extending from this lesson, you can also create symbols the same way. A symbol for protection, a symbol for blocking evils, a symbol for bringing in inspiration for creativity etc. Get that book filled up as you learn to use god’s power everywhere.

Tommy can also DRINK a channelling fu too so that his connection with this god will be stronger since the FU power is put into his body! That is just like how we drink FU HEAD in the lineage.

The point is, have fun and learn to use the magic, know how things work, then at least you are not a blind duck following a tradition that you don’t even understand. You can learn and appreciate our complicated “PRO” version later once you get the hang of the basic level things. For now, I want you to UNDERSTAND magic and not be a fool who just blindly follows what is “leftover’ in ancient times. Magic is not about grabbing garbage leftover from ancient times and using it like it’s yours. Magic is not more power just because they are older. Magic is powerful because god and YOU have built the power over time.

If I wanted to, I could have created the whole magic system in English or another language. However, that would confuse most of the audience, and everyone would call me a scammer because I don’t LOOK Taoist anymore. Well, now you know how this work, start doing some work to personalize your magic and have fun!