Know Your CMG

Disciples! Always have some CMGs in stock, and here is why.

CMGs are special tokens that allow you to use the power given by the special Celestial Master level, the highest power from the lineage. It is like a power potion, which can boost all your magic and gods (troops) for important magic that matters to you. There is a difference between getting 49% vs 51% on a test; it means a fail or a pass!

For those in our TYC group, you should know even better if you relate to COC. You need to ensure that extra percentage to win!

If you have done the magic with your power and the problem still needs to be solved, you need extra help. You need to do the magic again, but this time you can burn the CMG into the FUs and things to boost power, which can help you get more power to leverage against the more serious threats.

You might have done the cleansing and exorcism for yourself already, but somehow, you are still not back to normal, stop right there and use the CMG! For disciples, CMGs are good to use with your magic and not alone. For example, you have done some FUs, then burn the CMGs into the FU to empower them. You can combine your magic with the CMG to achieve better results. If you are about the chant jing spells, you can burn the CMG into the hing first and get your altar boosted, then do the chanting!

Types of CMG

Here is a quick list of their purpose and when to use them.

Gold – Add magic power (D5) for more aggressive power, good for exorcism and fighting back magic attacks.

Silver – Add magic power (D1) for more potentials, possibilities, opportunities, vision, light, good for empowerment, luck, etc.

Five Colors – Add more power to five elements. Think about what you want to boost to affect the troops/magic.

Gold – group in, condense, strengthen, harden

Water – go down, go forward, giving, deployment

Wood – energize and pump up motivation

Fire – happens sooner, outgoing, cause-effect

Earth – accumulate, receive, collect

Channelling Token – Ensure your channelling to the above is strong and secure, good for cheng sun when you are doing any important ceremony. These are usually used like beaming a signal up to the above before you do anything.

Postage Token – Ensure your message is sent to the court, even if you are in Saam Law or Tin Yat stage. This can be done to submit your letters.

Beyond Empowerments

CMG empowers your magic and makes up for what you lack. Let’s say you are doing a bunch of FUs, yet you do not understand the FU well enough, words are done wrong, spells are incorrect or not even embedded, and everything is still a mess. CMG helps you overcome that hurdle because you get the backup power that helps you auto-fill in the blanks and ensures your magic work as it should. Why? Because the celestial masters are helping you by lending you the power, which includes the “guts” you are missing.

You can also burn CMGs into your altar to gift your gods the extra power and let it soak in power over time. This will empower your altar for everything you do and all the magic done with the altar, including the defending power for your house!

If you use CMG on other people, you are directly using the lineage’s highest court power to help them on behalf of the lineage, which is a form of civic work – it means that you are building up your credit in the court’s book. The court’s side also supports the magic, meaning things cannot return to you for revenge.

Submitting a letter to the above with CMG also means that you are submitting with the guarantor supporting your letter, which makes it much more important to the court.

In an emergency, you can always request CMG to be burnt to your stuff by distance. Ask Cia Juan on LINE!

Get your CMGs and stock up occasionally; they are useful and powerful stuff to help you grind through hurdles at times!