Know Your CMG

Disciples, it's essential to always have some Celestial Master Gold (CMG) tokens in stock, and here’s why.

CMGs are exceptional tokens that grant you access to the power bestowed by the esteemed Celestial Master level, which is the pinnacle of power within our lineage. Think of CMGs as power potions that can significantly amplify all your magic and the forces (or troops) for the magic that is crucial to you. There’s a world of difference between scoring 49% and 51% on a test; it’s the difference between failure and success!

For those who are part of our TYC group, you’ll understand the importance even more, especially if you’re familiar with COC. Securing that extra percentage is vital for victory!

If you’ve performed magic with your own power and the issue still persists, it’s a sign that you need additional support. It’s time to perform the magic again, but this time, incorporate CMG by burning it into the FUs or other elements to bolster power. This extra power can provide the leverage needed to tackle more formidable challenges.

For instance, you might have conducted cleansing and exorcism for yourself, but if you find that things haven’t returned to normal, it’s time to employ CMG! For disciples, it’s advisable to use CMGs in conjunction with your magic rather than in isolation. For example, if you have prepared some FUs, you can burn the CMGs into the FUs to empower them. Combining your magic with CMG can lead to enhanced outcomes. If you’re about to chant Jing spells, you can burn the CMG into the Hing first to boost your altar, and then proceed with the chanting.

Types of CMG

Here’s a brief overview of the different types of CMGs, their purposes, and when to use them:

- Gold: Adds aggressive power (D5), ideal for exorcism and countering magical attacks.
- Silver: Adds potential power (D1), perfect for empowerment, luck, and opening up possibilities.
- Five Colors: Enhances the power of the five elements, which can be used to influence troops/magic.
  - Gold: Grouping, condensing, strengthening, hardening.
  - Water: Descending, advancing, giving, deploying.
  - Wood: Energizing and boosting motivation.
  - Fire: Hastening, outgoing, cause-effect.
  - Earth: Accumulating, receiving, collecting.
- Channeling Token: Ensures strong and secure channeling, especially useful for Cheng Sun during important ceremonies.
- Postage Token: Ensures your message is delivered to the court, applicable even for Saam Law or Tin Yat stages.

Beyond Empowerments

CMG not only empowers your magic but also compensates for any deficiencies. For instance, if you’re crafting FUs but lack a thorough understanding, or if there are errors in words or spells, CMG can help you overcome these obstacles by providing backup power that fills in the gaps, ensuring your magic works as intended. This is because the celestial masters are assisting you by lending their power, which includes the knowledge you may be lacking.

Additionally, you can burn CMGs into your altar to gift your deities extra power, allowing your altar to gradually absorb power. This empowers your altar for all the magic you perform and enhances the protective power for your home.

When you use CMG to assist others, you are employing the lineage’s highest court power on their behalf, which is a form of civic work. This builds your credit in the court’s records. The court also supports the magic, ensuring that negative forces cannot retaliate against you.

Submitting a letter to the higher powers with CMG is akin to having a guarantor backing your letter, making it significantly more impactful to the court.

In emergencies, you can request for CMGs to be burned remotely for your items. Reach out to Cia Juan on LINE for this!

Make sure to stock up on CMGs; they are invaluable and potent tools that can help you overcome obstacles when needed!