First Disciple Blog Post

I have created this blog for my disciples as a way to give more care to all my disciples, including the initiated ones in the Tin Yat Stage. I have no intention of making this blog “viral” or search-engine friendly, but it is meant to be for those who are already in the lineage to have a place to learn something straightforwardly.

There will be special terms and words that outsiders might not understand, which I will not further elaborate on in these blog posts since disciples should all know about them already. If anyone has questions, please e-mail Ju Cia Juan directly or talk on LINE if you are ordained.

I am putting this blog on the menu, which means everyone outside of the lineage can read these posts too. It’s fine, but the things taught in these posts are only for disciples to learn and use; it doesn’t work for outsiders. If anyone wants to learn, go for the free initiation or ordain to get started, don’t waste your time and hesitate if you feel this is what you want to learn.

The style I write in this blog will be very straightforward; I hope you like it and remember to support the blog by showing your heart to the Tao. Worship the gods every lunar 1st and 15th. It is your faith and motivation to learn that keep me writing.