Divination For Dummies

After you have learned about the “caveman altar” in the previous post, we will discuss communication with the god at the altar.

We have built the caveman altar with rocks and branches; what can we do to talk to the god there? It’s very simple; you need something to represent the answer, like the simple pattern of yes, no and maybe, like the three souls of neutral, negative and positive.

We can get two flat rocks and make a mark on one side, which is the positive side. Now you can ask the question, toss the rocks into the air, and then see the results. Two rocks with the mark face up a Yang, two blank faces are Yin, and one of each is St. Simple; we just made our moon block.

What is divination? Talking to the god and asking the god questions. It’s not about foreseeing the future or seeing if god is “accurate.” You must not “test” the god because testing is already breaking the “faith,” Which would lead to nothing but breaking your magic.

So, what would you do with the DIV tools?

Did I not say it? TALK TO YOUR GODS.

  1. Gave some KFC to the god to thank the god for the protection today and some good luck. I found some KFC in the wild forest (somehow), and so I offered the god some before I consumed it. After 5mins of putting it on the altar, I div and ask if the god likes it. Came back with “YIN YANG YANG” Imagine someone making a greedy face and then smiling and happy. Of course very yummy; I knew it. The god likes KFC; I could give more next time.
  2. I Just got three job offers and trying to pick which one is better for me. Go to the altar, tell the god about the offers, and then see which one the god likes most. Got 3 sets of results for job1,2 and 3. “yang yang yin” “Yin yin st” “st st yang” It Seems like #3 is the best. Drop one more time to confirm “ST” good! That’s the one, then. I went to an interview, got the job, happy!  Buy some KFC to thank god!
  3. I was thinking of getting some cups and dishes for the altar, and got some designs; let me ask the god which one it likes or what it prefers! Div each one and compare. Sort out some “liked” options, and now I can decide.
  4. I just put a magical item on the altar for the god to empower me. Is it ready to take, or is the god still charging its power? DIV and check.
  5. I was sitting at home and suddenly urged to go somewhere, DIV and ask god if it was a good idea. God says, “YIN,” nope, staying home.
  6. Got a few designs for the poster; which one god thinks is better?
  7. Going to choose a colour for my new car, which one god thinks is better?
  8. Picking a new domain name for my new website, ask god for some ideas.
  9. Should I trash this machine and buy a new one to upgrade it now?
  10. Is it better to go grocery shopping today or tomorrow?

Communication with the god will improve over time as you learn how to read the god’s mind, like a feeling you get when talking to someone you have known for a long time; you should understand its message without the need for words. It’s very obvious.

The thing is, don’t be robotic and treat it like a machine. DIV answers are not like a machine or robot; they can look like a YIN (negative) but means something good. I can put on a greedy frown but say, “ya, that’s good shit.” The results never show you the truth PHYSICALLY; it’s also done with the soul inside the physical form. To build that kind of relationship with your gods, you must learn to talk to them daily, not once a month!

For those starting your altar or building one with the “caveman style” with the minimal, you can already make your div tools before buying a proper one. Just take two coins and mark the side for YANG or YIN, then you can tell which is which. It’s simple. It’s not the tool that is magical; it’s you and the communication with the god that is magical.

You can also extend from this to using other things, such as a wheel with answers you spin on, dice, sticks, or anything that works. The key point is to set a language or code with the god first. Like let’s say I have a wheel that I made, which I will spin on, then every meal, I would spin the wheel to ask what god thinks I should eat today.  I can make the wheel to show four options: seafood, land, rice, or any. Then spin the wheel and pick. If that day I had no seafood around, then I would say seafood now is equal to chicken, rice is equal to soup etc. Make changes, so your god knows you can do the same DIV to get answers. In the end, always check and confirm with the coins to see if this is what god would ACCEPT as its answer.

You can read the DIV Ebook for more details, but this is the concept which you can start right now and get to know your god better. The worst thing you can do is “challenge” and “test” your god with div, which is how to fail and kill your god because the heart has already failed. Like love, you cannot TEST your spouse, or love will be broken.

Through constant divination, you will get god’s mind much more, and it is not as hard as it seems. Most people fail because they are too robotic or stubborn to think of what the answer means from THEIR perspective and not try to FEEL the god. If you don’t treat the god like a living being, it will die for you. Observe the kids who talk to their teddy bears and ask the bear what it wants for dinner; it’s a genuine and faithful way of talking because the kid treats it like a real friend. Adults suck at this because they are too “brainwashed” by the “adult” stuff, too educated by modern society and the modern educational system. All you know is the ROBOT mindset. I love tech, but please don’t treat gods like machines and try to PROGRAM them. It’s not like that.

If you are naïve enough, you should get the div concept, and it’s flexible. It’s a personal relationship and a way to talk to YOUR god.